Procrastinating Appeals

So here I am procrastinating from working on the appeal I am writing to my HMO. They are (of course) denying coverage for anything that approaches REAL care. The saddest part of that being that even though I live in a major metro area, and have ever since I have been dealing with major medical issues, I can't find doctors that actually sort anything out where I live. So I HAVE to go 2,927 miles east to find specialists that understand what is going on with my body. What part of piles of doctors, lots of tests, lots of $$$, no answers, bad treatment and mental anguish=local. One specialist unit, some tests, in the end a lot less $$$, some real freakin answers=out of town specialists can't they understand? Oh, right. Medical justification only. Let me lay it out real easy for you. One line appeal.

It will cost you less money to do it this way.

So here I am writing justifications to a pile of mental arguments that I can hear the appeals board coming up with, trying to answer any and all arguments in a single letter. Of course these arguments each require a lot of research since I am suddenly dealing with a lot of issues that I know only a little about.

Searches bring me to more interesting things to read (like Ghetto River Nymph's blog) which distracts me into responding to her, which distracts me into setting up my own blog. What was I doing? Oh, right.


Eliza said...

Hey! Thanks so much for your comment in my blog; I'm excited you started up your own! Sorry, been meaning to get back to you (and, btw, not sure if you realized it, but I'm the one who'd e-mailed you a week or two ago about fusion and your invasive traction experience. I'm sorry I didn't get back to responding yet. I suck. But I really appreciated your response and found it very helpful).

Good luck with the HMO hell: trying to deal with Kaiser in Oakland helped inspire my move back to NY and away from them. Meh.

Eliza said...

Addendum: Your blog name is hecka long and screws up my pretty little bullet list o' links by going on to a second line and making me sad. You wanna be "Kbanshee" or "Metropomonkeypupleopolis"? Because they ain't fittin' together. Thus, I shall truncate your identity. Sorry. But you can choose which part.

kbanshee said...

kbanshee is all good. I had a feeling in the back of my mind that I'd emailed with you before, but hadn't found the time to go look through my email pile. Glad my response was helpful, feel free to ask more...I have some Qs for you too, I'll get them sorted up soon. And keep you up to date on surgery. My current take on the surgery being scheduled for May 5=Blech. Yea. Bleh. Yea. Erm.