Surviving...but Ow!

I'm almost off the dilaudid. That rocks. Realizing that my pain management was still pretty dependent on it though. I feel like there are holes in the Kadian treatment. And of course am not at home. My partner has a solo art show opening in Kansas City (secret center of the art universe) on the 2nd. We are driving there. I'm slowing things down. We usually are in Ft Collins by night 2 and we are outside of Rawlins, WY. I hate hate hate wearing the aspen collar for 10+ hours a day. Other than that I'm hanging in there. I was told by many people that they didn't drive after surgery, and that part I am not having any trouble with. I drove 4 hours today. It doesn't seem to be any more tiring to drive or be a passenger when it is all interstate driving. We are having to hit hotels instead of car camping. I just can't figure out how to curl up in the van yet. Fortunately we built in an extra drive day not knowing how I would do. Gas is so expensive that we are going to be staying in the midwest for the month the show is up. Makes for a long time on the road.

If any of you are in KC area you should come to the opening on Sept 2 (http://www.eliotkdaughtry.com/robotcity/).

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