It's only been a couple days right?

Well. Maybe more than a couple. I've been struggling. I still don't have the latest report from TCI. Our finances are finally too f*cked to go on so I can't go back to NY for checkups at TCI for the moment...we'll hopefully get things sorted out on that front soon [put all your mojo out there for my partner to get a rockin teaching job].

Still doing PT 2x a week, but I've been struggling. Can't stay awake. Lower back/coccyx/sacrum getting worse & worse - probably Adhesive Arachnoiditis spreading & spinal cord re-tethering. Fatigue when I'm awake. Headaches. Really tight neck/shoulder...probably means I'm looking at the possibility of needing to extend the fusion (occiput to c5 instead of occiput to c4). Can't get the myriad of hormonal disorders (Hashimoto's, Growth Hormone Deficiency, Adrenal Insufficiency, Hypothalamic Dysfunction, Panhypopituitarism, Empty Sella/partially flattened pituitary

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