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I feel like crap. Been feeling less than stellar for a few weeks as I've noted. Still waiting for test results on the main feeling like crud theory.

Now, on top of it I'm feeling even more crappy. No appetite. Fluish. Loss of appetite. Tired. Sleepy. Exhausted. Dry dry dry mouth & throat. Thirsty all the time. Super fatigued. Sweating buckets. Enough to have to change my clothes multiple times a day. I'm popping more fevers. Many of these are lasting longer than the usual ones which go up to 101.9 or so. These are only going to 99.x and last a couple of hours and then I go back down to something around 97.7. I'm having urgency about needing to pee. Then it is difficult to pee. (Did a UTI pee test just in case, nope.) I'm still having a systemic behavior that is like constipation, but what is coming out is more like diarrhea. The joint pain is terrible...hips, knees and ankles worst, then elbows, shoulders & wrists. I'm achy all over. I'm feeling much cloudier, like I can't think. Bleh. I'm going to see the pain clinic docs tomorrow. I've just stopped a moment to prepare myself for that tomorrow and the withdrawal of the dilaudid combined with the side effects I seem to be having with the methadone is probably the reason for it. I'm going to ask them if we can try something other than methadone for the long term. I can get through the dilaudid withdrawal if I know that is what it is.

What else. Not much cuz I've been so freakin tired and sleepy that I've not been able to. I've gotta rearrange my sleeping area too, cuz I've woken up in terrible positions a couple of times with my head partially turned and all that. I think it is time to stop sleeping on my devided pillow and go back to a regular one. I'm going to go back to sleep now.

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Anonymous said...

Can I ask how long you were in the traction for, before they determined that you needed the surgery? I just had the ICT done at TCI and they had me in it for like, 5 minutes. I thought that I had a couple of hours to decide whether I would feel better. I would love to talk to you. Please email me at susanasophia@yahoo.com