Visiting with my mom

Been a bit quiet cuz my mom came for a visit. That took pretty much all of my energy for the last week. It was great though. My cousin Chellie and her husband and kids came down for 2 of the days. We mostly stayed around the compound, but mom went with me to my new physical therapist. (Yes, I finally got rid of the other one!) The new ones are great. Everyone agrees. It is a perfect fit. They do feldenkrais among other approaches. I like them, mom likes them, Eliot likes them. They like me. Woo hoo.
Mom helped garden, she helped clean, she helped cook. It was really nice. We spent a lot of time on the patio cuz Chellie's husband John is allergic to cats. It was a very nice weekend though. Mom and I taught Chellie and her daughter Haley to knit. I set mom up with her new iBook. I'm still having a lot of pain. Transitioning from dilaudid to methadone slowly. Got some good support shoes to work on walking in. I'm getting some tests done to follow up on the antibiotics thing, but don't know anything for sure yet. And in another 10 days I'll be getting my 3 month Xrays!
More about the physical therapy and stuff a little later. I gotta leave for an appointment now.

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Shawn said...

some news is good news!
-cheering you on- Shawn