is it the antibiotics?

My energy feels like it is slipping. I'm more tired, less clear headed and really feeling pretty weak. The weak part I'm hoping is just part of going from no shape to getting in better shape and building my strength. I was horrified at physical therapy the other day that I collapsed. My legs, just like they used to, went to jelly and refused to hold me up. Frack! I am really pissed off about it. Of course it made my physical therapist go in the completely other direction and not want to let me do anything at therapy. She wants to know if I'm hypoglycemic. No. My legs are trying to do their old tricks. But WHY? she wants to know. Well, that is the question isn't it. Of course she thinks it is impossible to have legs that don't support you and not know why. They recovered after a 4hour nap, but I've been feeling a bit wibbly since. So back to the question...is it the antibiotics? Every time I take megadoses of antibiotics I feel great for about 4-6 weeks. Every time I take a regular course of antibiotics I feel great for a week or 2. It is bizarre.

More about this after I've done some reading. Looking forward to input from those of you reading as well.


gimpy mumpy said...

This is too weird. Similar effect on me and the doctors look at me like I am a total nutter for even bringing it up. Had a blood test to check for infection but nothing showed up.
If you find out anything, please post! Would love to find a correlation that the doctors actually accept and agree on.

Shawn said...

Kiddo, I hope you are doing well, please post us an update- even to say you don't know yet.
I'm keeping my fingers and everything crossed for you