Kriss in Recovery

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay,

Kriss is in recovery until at least 3pm today.
She is doing well, and surgery went smoothly.

Her room isn't ready yet, but as soon as I have that info I'll post.

No word yet on when Kriss will be released.

No stay in the ICU this time!

Dr. B said that on a scale of 1-10, Kriss' cord tethering rated an 8, a "big tether".

She came out from anesthesia smoothly, and was aware and alert last night, and doing well so far today.

I have no internet access at the place I am staying and will only be able to check phone or email intermittetly. If you need to get me, please leave message with phone number on my cell and I'll return calls as soon as I can...

all the best to all...


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