Out and Homeward. Word.

So we are out of the hospital. Eliot packs his stuff out of the Variety House & then comes and hauls my stuff down to the car...flowers and all. Then comes back for me. The staff hassles about him pushing me down to the car in my wheelchair vs the hospital staff pushing me down in their wheelchair. What the....We prevail. Down the street to the one drugstore that supposedly has everything we need in stock. Mmm. We park and Eliot puts my chair together and I gingerly climb into it. Lack of pain control being much more harsh on the outside where moving is required. Every crack in the sidewalk makes me scream. Horrid for Eliot to be pushing me. To make it worse we can't find the place and I have to pee NOW! Finally we go BACK down the block AGAIN...we'd turned around just short of it. We get in and pee first. Then we place the drug-take-out order. No can do on one of them. Too soon. Well, yeah and of course I didn't travel with my ENTIRE prescription of it cuz they said the hospital had it and they didn't so I have barely enough. They fill everything else. Back in the car and off to Montclair where Neil & family are doing much healthier. We stumble in. Lucy's a bit confused about the being gentle part initially but all is ok. I curl up in bed and sleep. We stay at their house till the flight on Friday (12th). We go to the airport...car rental return...get them to drop us off with our rental car at the curb check. Spencer and Lea meet us at the airport and we sit and visit till it is time for us to go through the security point. We have been moved up to first class. Total life saver with my back in the state it is in. It is still so so so soo painful. The flight attendants and Eliot help tuck pillows around my back to have me not leaning against the incision. The flight is still hella hard to get thru and the guy behind me slammed into the seat to get things started right. It made me hollar! Oww. Thurston is there when we get to SF and we get home in a good hurry.

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