Healing at Home.

Been home for...geez 26 dayz already. Initially pain pain pain was all I can remember. Up'd pain meds a bit w/ help of local neuro and then my brain kicked in...gimped up by the pain meds, but more able to function than before. We HAD to get a new bed. The 6 year old wavy/lumpy futon is not doin it. I have way too much pain at the top of the incision. It feels like something is wrong with the vertebrae there...it is realistically probably the hematoma thing. Just in the last couple of days it feels like it is absorbing. I got an MRI last Friday, so we'll see what New York has to say about it. Saw one of my Rheumatologists here today. She's just really kind of blown over by the whole thing and amazed about a) me having figured it out enough to find the right doctors & b) How much is able to be done that NONE of the doctors could figure out here in the Bay Area. Of course everyone is in a holding pattern on resolving any other issues until I'm fully recovered from surgery. I agree with that idea in general. I just want everything to go faster. It is kindof sinking in how much the epidural I had when I had a hysterectomy in 1994 probably had to do with my health situation worsening (part of the tethered cord issue and the level of harshitude on my lower limbs was due to arachnoiditis (scarring & adhesions) in my lower back that was squashing the cauda equina area and squishing/choking the nerves and making it so there was less than no room for proper communication between the ole brain and the nerves passing that info on to my lower half. I am really glad I did this surgery. I feel like I'm having the best chance of getting my health to the best point possible. I'm looking forward to starting physical therapy next week as well! Spending a lot of time by myself. To some extent I'm enjoying it, but it is lonely too. Eliot is so busy with school, it is more ridiculous than last semester even.

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