Pt 1: Kriss & the Presurgical Testing

We're crouching at Neil Pamela & Lucy's rying to get things basically under control prior to flying home (to Oakland from here in NY/NJ) tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the plane ride as I am in a lot of pain still. The pain meds are doing ok except for this one area on my mid back that is just being a big pain that won't be a team player. I am asl really struggling to stay awake and alert. I don't know what the problem is, but I would assume one of the meds is interacting or just being at a level that doesn't work for me. Sent a note to the docs today.

So. The surgery from my POV. The day prior to surgery we did lots of tests. An MRI I've never had done) which did half of the MRI sitting up and then half laying down (well, it is quite a bit further than flat...more like 110 or 120 degrees rotation from sitting up. Half my weight hanging from my knees, the other half resting on my head. Not good very bad ow. Then a quick Echocardiogram. Drove to Bruce's for a quickie lunch & then to the hospital for the presurgical checkin/testing & xrays.

The paperwork is ridiculous, but we got the same nurse as the last time & she was really great. Got us thru all the rigamoro & accompanied us down to xray to make sure they took good care of us. The xray was so odd. Wedged me up high enough to have me sitting next to the xray unit on the wall and took that (left & facing forward & then a whole set of weird poses on the table. Finally about 7.30 or 8 we escaped for a last night the 2 of us at a hotel.

End o Pt 1.

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