2nd day Report

Eliot apologizes to everyone who has left messages that have not been returned yet. I'll do my best to return all calls that I have not thus far between visits with Kriss. My cell phone only works intermittently in the room at the Variety House.

Kriss was moved from PACU (post anesthesia care unit) to the NSICU (neuroscience intensive care unit) around 3:30pm today. Because of her history of reactive airway (asthma) problems, and her overall sensitivities to anasthetics, the respirator equipment wasn't removed until around 10:00am. So it looks like Kriss will be in NSICU until Sunday, and most likely moving into a regular room on Monday.

Tomorrow the doctors want to get her sitting up, and want her to use the chair, and if she can handle it, her crutches. She is oozing a bit from the zipper-like incision/staple closure on the back of her head. We will start an icing routine to help the swelling on her neck tomorrow.

If you are thinking about sending flowers, which Kriss loves, she can't have them in the room until she is out of NSICU. And, it is likely that since Kriss is now a day behind the best scenario stay, she will probably not be released until friday next. Of course, this could change at any time.

anyway, that's what's up now.

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