Sunday in NSICU from Eliot


Kriss did not have a good night last night. The CPAP was not working well enough as she had a nosebleed and was too congested afterwords to breathe through her nose. So she got put back on oxygen, and if things don't go well tonight, the respitory dept will bring up a bipap, which forces oxygen along with the postive air pressure.

When I arrived this morning her catheter had been removed and she was up in the lazyboy again. Makes me wonder if the hospital regimen could take into account that we are both nocturnal and that it isn't normal for either of us to be awake, much less doing any activity at 7 am.

She's complaining of nightmares, likely from the painkillers.

The nausea problem is making it hard for her to eat, and I'm having a hard time getting her to drink enough, much less eat.

Hopefully tomorrow she will be doing well enough to move to a regular room, so she can have flowers.

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