Day 5 continues in NSICU

Kriss continues to improve. The morning saw a brief visit from Dr Bolognese, the first physical therapist visit, and bathroom visits (bedpans be gone!).Parts of the day were rough, punctuated with a great cacophany of medical professionals that came and went in an endless stream from the room midday.
She is off of the PCA unit, so now she has to request pain meds instead of self administering. The pain specialist sent to take her off the unit failed to tell us that is what what happening until it was too late for Kriss to do a final push. They were supposed to wait until after replacement of her IV lock, which was causing her a lot of pain, and the person who attempted in the morning couldn't hit a vein. Finally the IV lock did get replaced by a specialist around 3pm.
Kriss was also fitted with an Aspen collar, to help support her neck while she is moving about and upright, both of which happened more frequently today.
Denise, the main person from TCI we have been working with at the hospital, wants to keep Kriss in the ICU until she is discharged from the hospital, which may be as early as wednesday. They are concerned with even more problems with asthmatic attacks if she gets moved to the main floor, so as long as they don't need the room for someone coming out of surgery, etc, she will remain in ICU.
I took a couple of pictures of the back of Kriss' head which I'll attempt to post on our website.


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