Head for the hills

Hello all. It is 10.40EDT on the 17th and we're finishing up packing to head for Oakland. I'm relieved to be going home to my own bed, though I'm endlessly grateful to Neil & Pamela & Lucy for sharing their home with us. It was good to be in a cozy environment while I struggled to get myself sorted post surgery. The thrush is starting to get under control, though my throat is still a mess. Swish and swallowing yucky stuff. Got the staples out yesterday. Nice to be rid of those. You can now see pix of surgery from the main site. The link directly to the pics is here. I'm feeling slightly human this morning, which is good cuz I know I won't by the time we hit Oakland tonight. Better to start out feeling decent. Eliot is packing since I cannot lift stuff.

I still think it was a mistake for them to release me from the hospital on Friday between the infection/thrush and my digestive system not yet functioning fully, but I know the nurses seemed to be up in arms about dealing with the fragrance allergic asthma response stuff. I still don't understand a hospital that will allow that kind of stuff in the first place. When I am feeling better I will be taking on that issue with the hospital there and seeing if I can get them to create a policy for the hospital as a whole.

I'm still not eating much. It is hard to swallow and I've not got much of an appetite. I have plenty of room for some loss of poundage though, so it isn't dire. I'm making sure to eat things that are good, such as miso and rice noodles.

I don't fully understand the NO flowers in any ICU room either. That was a big downer to have to spend so much time in such a sterile room. Though the fold out toilet was pretty funny. It folded into a cupboard. There are pictures on the site.

More from the West side.

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Shawn said...

Wow, honey, what an incredible ordeal! I've been thinking of you since Eliot let me know- he must have spammed your mailing list, huh? Thank you, Eliot, I'm glad you did. I'd never seen your current work!
There's a post at craigslist arts forum about a queer arts show in Sacramento. I said that one of my favorite artists was recovering from an operation so strange that it might be considered Queer Art in itself.
It's no fun being the canvas, is it...
hugs and kisses, I hope this will solve some of your health issues that you've endured for TEN FUCKING YEARS!