Out of NSICU and onto the main floor

So, things continue here. Denise, the PA, is hoping to discharge Kriss in the morning, partially because she is doing well, and partially because of the ongoing respitory problems. At 4pm Kriss got moved from the NSICU unit and onto the main floor, as there were other patients who needed the ICU space. At least it is a private room.

We got a good, if brief, session with the physical therapist, Amy. She showed both of us a couple of different ways to deal with getting Kriss out of a sitting position safely. She also coached Kriss on get up / lay down technique. Short walks are going well, and Kriss walked part of the way down the hallway (on crutches) to the new room with Amy, finishing the journey in the wheelchair.

The staff on the main floor has been pleasant, and up to the point I left the hospital at 12:45am, fairly fragrance free. Only one incident thusfar. Knock on wood that it continues that smoothly.

Pain management (such a corporate type term that only an MBA could have come up with) continues to be a major problem. Surgery hurts. Even with the high level of pain, and a fairly high level of medication, Kriss is remarkably lucid. I can't say I'd be as eloquent in describing what was going on as she is being.

Kriss is happy to have flowers in her room finally, just in time for her to probably be discharged :)

So, hopefully, the next update to the log here will be from Kriss, even if it is brief.

best to all,

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