I am at our friend Neil's. It is so much pain. I've been discarged for a few hours. (It being 8am and they let see let me out about 8pm last night.) I am very convinced at the moment it was a bad ida.

I'm having a terrible time makng my hands hit the keys. They are hitting all of the wrong, keys. I'll leave an exmple back in here: thriat bery sore, I ssems like all of th epople an dtruo[ss un frong of

They are very hot to the touch. My fever started at 99.3F when I woke up due to pain and lack o sleep. An hour later I was at 102.2F. My hands feel like I'm burning. My head feels like I've got a hell of a fever. My mouth feels raw and painful. My throat is so unbelieivably sore I can't even compare it to something. I can't hardly swallow. I'm holding plenty still.

Bolognese called me after I paged the service. He wasn't pleased that I had been released, called in some Cipro which I need to go pick up. He is hoping 'just a UTI'. The wound looks good. I just had Eliot take a glamourous tour around the inside of my mouth and I have several open sores in my throat that I would assume are thrush. Waiting for call# 2 from Dr. on call...ah, yes...Thrush, among other plesant bits, I'm now on Cipro and Nystatin among other things. Bleh. Hopefully my throat and mouth will quit hurting though.

This is one of the most miserable days I've spent. I think I probably should have stayed in the hospital and Dr B didn't sound too convinced I should have been released from the hospital either. There were some of the personnel I was having to deal with that were making me nuts though~

Anywho. We'll get some pix up in the nxt couple of days. We're probably at Neil and Pamela's until Monday night or Tuesday morning. We fly home Tuesday. In the mean time I'm going to sleep, take drugs and sleep.

The incision looks really good I hve to say, from the photos Eliot has taken of me.The breeze over my face that is coming through the window is very lovely. I'll go back to the hospital to get the staples out on Monday. Before 1pm. I'lm hoping I'll feel better then.

Spinning and losing toucvh with consciousness.

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Eliza said...

Kriss, I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy, but, really, if you're managing to to type something up (even with funny typos), you must actually be doing pretty well, even if it doesn't feel like it. I know I couldn't concentrate enough to type anything on the computer for weeks, and it took months of working my way up from magazines to quick-read young adult books to adult novels before I felt like I could really focus on reading and comprehending. Don't beat yourself up over not feeling totally "there" yet: you essentially had a *double* surgery done, and your body has been through a lot. Your body and your brain need some time to get over it. (That said, your post was remarkably coherent. If you hadn't pointed out your original typoed phrase, I would have had no idea. So, please don't interpret this as, "Wow, I really DO sound out of it." Because, you don't).

I'm sorry I didn't get to come see you on Thursday. My mom ended up going with me to my appointment because Milhorat also was going to meet with me, so I couldn't really swing it. Plus, from Eliot's posts, it sounded like the last thing you needed was some stranger (with lots of scented mousse in her hair) showing up at the hospital. But I did feel guilty about it all day.

Btw, I also got thrush after my surgery. It makes sense, with all of the IV antibiotics. I was kind of surprised it wasn't my more typical antibiotic tagalong, the OTHER location of yeast infection. But maybe all of the assault on the mouth and throat from the intubation makes that a more hospitable place for yeasties. I don't know. I guess it's just par for the course, though.

It does sound like you probably could have used another day or two in the hospital if you have a bacterial infection. But, hopefully, now that you're out of there and away from the constant noise and 4am nurse wake-ups, you will be able to start healing. I remember the first few nights out of the hospital as being amazingly endless--checking the clock every 15 minutes, "Please let it be time for more drugs"--but each night will get a little easier.

Hang in there, hon. It's going to get better. I'm so sorry you're still feeling so crappy.