Thursday becomes Friday

Things today started with Kriss calling me early in the morning to please come over to the hospital right away. Shift change brought with it a nurse that did not get along with Kriss, and who did not keep anything resembling civil comportment with her. This led to a couple of hours of discussion with the doctoring staff, as well as a meeting with one of the nurse managers at the next shift change.

A couple of the folks that are on the Chiari email list that Kriss is a part of were having procedures done this week as well, and we met one of them tonight. Kriss walked around the corner to Konnie's room and I brought the wheelchair. We chatted with her and her husband for a while and then went back to Kriss' room.

The evening began well, but Kriss has developed a sore throat and was running a fever. Hopefully this is just a result of her talking more today than she has been, and not a strep or something of that nature.

It would be really great to get out of the hospital in the morning.

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