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We are home. I'm having a very painful day. Things are very owie today. I'm moving slowly. Having to deal with putting out some fires on the day to day management front at the Compound. Funny how those things refuse to politely wait while you feel like ouch ouch. I don't feel too blechy other than that though, so that is still making me happy. I can't get over how little of the overwhelming fatigue I'm feeling. That fatigue has been my constant nemesis, almost ALMOST never relenting for most of the last 10 years. Not to say that I'm feeling particularly energetic yet mind you. I know that anyone who has never dealt with a chronic, debilitating level of fatigue that can hardly be described, can probably not understand exactly what this is like...but let me tell you, just being tired and worn out from travel and anesthesia and surgery and pain, is SO MUCH LESS overwhelming than the normal fatigue I've had for so long.

The back of my head is looking less like a scary crusty mess (labeled to be looking like cat poop by some). It is an interesting thing, the changes made in recent years in how the healing of wounds is handled. They've finally noticed that our bodies are usually the most efficient at keeping things sterile and cared for while healing. So now, intead of flushing a surgical wound and scrubbing it out a zillion times a day, you now don't touch it. You let your body handle it. What a concept. So my body is doing its job and the cut down the back of my head is looking better and better. It also minimizes the scar supposedly, so we'll see.

Now everyone that has ever been asked to flush a wound 3-5 times a day can wonder what their scar would look like if they hadn't. I know my mom and I were discussing that right away!

Love to all. I'm hanging in there. Thanks for your thoughts and energy.

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