Day 3 from Eliot

I walked into the NSICU this morning, and Kriss was sitting up in the hospital version of a lazy boy lounger. This is good! Still, she was very ready to be horizontal when the required time was done.

We discovered that Amy's Dinners have changed the ingredients to include freakin' WALNUTs in one of the frozen dinners that the dietary department ordered special for Kriss. This triggered a review of the entire line that they got in for Kriss to eat. I ended up making a trip to the Whole Foods closest to the hospital, which for those familiar with both the Food Ho, and with the Bezerkely Bowl in the Bay Area, well, think B Bowl on steroids directed by Woody Allen. We've stashed a couple of frozen items for mealtime in the ICU mini dorm fridge down the hall.

All considered, Kriss ate at least a little solid food today. Not much, but some. We are getting better cooperation on working the diet out here than any other hospital we've dealt with over the years. It still isn't good enough dammit.

We switched Kriss over to her CPAP machine to sleep tonight as her breathing has been quite ragged when she is sleeping. I hope that it helps her sleep better.


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